Tuesday, May 4, 2010

new album "girls need attention" released today!

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hello and welcome to “the brooklyn lime!” this blog is dedicated to tequila, music, food, travel, or whatever else lands on the frontal lobes in the process. if you’re interested in where the supernatural coffee is in san francisco, texan telecaster geniuses, randomly overheard cellphone conversations, cheetos, the canadian border patrol, polanski movies, italian ice cube shortages, or my self-promotion, you’re in the right place!

but before we get into all that, first i have to tell you....


the release of my new album, girls need attention, on compass records.

given the state of the record industry, i am humbled by the selfless dedication of many people, including producer lee alexander who left behind his latest career as a race car driver (no kidding!) for a few weeks to kick this one through the goal posts.

also engineer tom schick, and my longstanding band: dan rieser, tim luntzel & dred scott, all of whom lent their enormous talents to a recording that began without any record company backing. not to get all weepy on you, but there are times in life when you are reminded who your friends are and, needless to say, i feel blessed.

we also had some brilliant accompaniment: nels cline (wilco) on guitar, jolie holland on jejusco box fiddle, sasha dobson on vocals, steve elliot on guitar, marcus rojas on tuba, louis schwadron on french horn and doug wieselman on bass clarinet. and i was lucky to have the luxury of working at norah jones' home studio, for which i owe her big time.

(click here to see todd chalfant's beautiful photo essay of the recording sessions.)

this is probably my most personal collection of songs to date and these musicians dug deep to help create the sort of raw dark elegance i was looking for. i'm very proud of what we achieved together and hope you check it out.

cheers for now. back with some tequila cocktail recipes in a few days. i'll try to pair with your listening experience.



  1. Hey Richard
    Congrats on the official release of 'Girl's Need Attention'- a handcrafted rare blend, - layered, lush, complex, unctuous, elegant with a touch of sweetness and a spicy contrast. Highly recommended!

  2. Yo Richie,

    Can't wait to hear the new record. How many times have I said that over the years? But I mean it every time. With the new record and the new blog, I guess we really don't have to actually talk to each other any more. I'll just send you my scripts, an occasional card, photo of Lucas. Then I guess this is...goodbye?

  3. jude....thanks for the thoughtful adjectives....bubba...we'll always have sesto calende.

  4. ahh, Lake Maggiore. When I drove the wagon, bopping to the beat of Crow Black Chicken by Ry Cooder. Where all we could talk about was NYC. Where I fell asleep on a compost heap (that's a freebie). This was before the invention of tequila.